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Sideframe and Bolster Non Conformance Tracking

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Casting Information
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  • ABC-NACO Cicero
  • ABC-NACO Dominion
  • ABC-NACO Melrose Park
  • ABC-NACO Sahagun
  • ABC-NACO Sharon
  • ASF-Keystone Alliance
  • ASF-Keystone Alliance Castings Company
  • AMSTED-MAXION-Cruzerio (Brazil)
  • AMSTED-MAXION - Osasco (Brazil)
  • ASF-K de Mexico
  • Bradken (Australia)
  • Chicago Castings Company
  • East St. Louis
  • Granite City
  • Kremenchug (Ukraine)
  • Promlit (Russia)
  • ZhuZhou—ABC Rail
  • Kilburn
  • Runcorn (Bradken)
  • British Steel Corp
  • Birdsboro Corp.
  • Buckeye Steel Castings
  • Bucyrus Erie
  • Canadian Steel Foundries
  • Cobrasma
  • Columbus Steel Castings
  • Cometna
  • Comsteel
  • Construcciones y Auxiliar
  • Dofasco
  • Dresser Trasportation (Symington Wayne/Gould)
  • Fabrica Nacional de Vagoes
  • Henricot
  • Nippon Sharyo
  • Ohio Steel Foundry Co.
  • Pittron (Pittsburgh Steel)
  • SCAW
  • Scullin
  • Sidena
  • South African Railways
  • Stanbras
  • CDK Kunta Hora A.S.
  • Hindusthan Engineering & Industries
  • Qiqihar Rolling Stock Works
  • Qisbuyan Locomotive Rolling Stock Works
  • Tiannui Enterprise Casting Co.
  • Sumitomo
  • Vulcan
Trademark (not listed):
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Failure Information  
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Broken or Cracked:
Location of Defect On Casting:    Bolster
Was This Car in a Derailment?
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